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Posted by Riwin_h on March 19, 2003 at 09:29:26 In Reply to: Best CD Player Under $1,500? posted by MelodyInMind on March 19, 2003 at 01:35:53:

I've compared to Accuphase DP-55V (mine for sell now) , MF A3.2 & A.3 , Rotel RCD-991AE , Sonic Frontiers SFCD-1 with early made Siemens CCa, Shanling T-100 with WE tubes, Micromega Minium (with LC Clock modified) as cdt+ Perpetual Tech P1A+P3A+Modwright PSU DAC combo & AH! Njoe Tjoeb with upsampler. This China made cdp blows away those cdp.

Also compare with Electrocompaniet EMC-1 UP 24/192 : Consonance wins on vocal/mid but lose on low/dynamic region and hi sounding. Resolution : soundstage & depth on par. But EMC-1 cost US$5,500 (2x more expensive than Consonance) .

Consonance is one of the best buy cdp you may consider too.

Posted by Riwin_h on March 20, 2003 at 04:58:34 In Reply to: Opera Audio/Consonance Reference CD 2.2 posted by Riwin_h on March 19, 2003 at 09:29:26:

I tested the Consonance Ref 2.2 cdp still in standard version. This chinese cdp really know how to design cdp with 24/192 upsampler, with low budget too.
Maybe some upgrade with better capacitors and add some damping for chassis will improve more.
Or maybe add some or maybe replace with copper plate chassis like Accuphase. : )

LC clock seems won;t improve much because jitter (as state in specification) already very low : 12ps .
Opera Audio Consonance reference 2,2 CdD Player

Any experiences ?Is it realy so good like some sellers allready said?One rewiever claimed that until 10K(!!!) there is no contender, and Chinese maschine is just 1900 in USA.

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03-24-03: Lafish

I was having the same feeling as you before owning a Opera. But my forward step to grap one make me turn my view up-side-down.

I have ever owned few sets of Sonic Frontiers SFCD1 in a period ciz I cannot give it up, even comparing with famous gears like Wadia 8, 830, Meridian 508.24 588, Linn Ikemi, Sony SCD777ES, Marantz SA12S1, etc. But with Opera, I know its chance that allow me to change.

Man, this is real live experience, not a story.
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03-28-03: Hifijunky

I just borrowed a reference 2.2. Compared to my Meridian 508.24 it is extracting subtile nuances from cds the Meridian is missing. The Meridian sounds muddy in comparison. I am still evaluating but it may be the bargain the review, you stated says it is. The remote volume it has is a plus.
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03-28-03: Ziva
please inform us later about your final conclusions.I would like to know if you have that feeling of listening to real,live performance(that be there feeling),is it musical ,or too analitical? How is it about pace-rhytm, timing ,coherency, bass performance.Is it envolving,does it throw your attention on details,analysis, or on essence of musical performance?
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I have another question for you...

Can you compare a track from a CD played on the Consonance reference 2,2 CD Player with the same track played from an SACD on the Sony SCD777ES?

03-30-03: Platsolos
can someone interpret the post from Lafish for me?
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03-30-03: Hifijunky
I'll be purchasing the Reference 2.2. It is extremely neutral. It is definately musical. It has the pace and timing the Meridian has. The bass is quick, deep and powerful but only when its on the source. Its soundstage and imaging are top notch. It draws you in you want to keep listening. You hear wonderful detail (crystal like quality on bells). The presentation is definately not laid back but it can sound warm if its on the source material. I think it will better a Sony SCD 777ES and Philips SACD 1000 on standard cds. Try and audition it if you can.
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03-31-03: Lafish

May be you haven't use Sonic Frontiers SFCD1 CDP before. This is the only CDP (from my knowledge) that SF offered in its product line. SFCD1 doesn't come with any digital output coz designer from SF believes this is the best ever and no need to use another DA to intepretate the sound.

I have ever use SFCD1, then tried a lot of CDP at the course of time. Wadia 8, 830, Meridian 508.24 588, Linn Ikemi, Sony SCD777ES, Marantz SA12S1, etc...........all lose to SFCD1 which is using Ultra analog 20bit DA chip. This is ancient technology comparing to the 24/192 or 48/384 digital technology. But it wins

It gives the kind of sound sweetness and involvement especially when you are listening to vocal player like Norah Jones, Shirley Bassey, Diane Kral, Aaron Neville, etc. Others players mentioned are just giving rather cool and non-live sound. Though may be giving a little bit more details. But it is just like a piece of paper, never feel about 3D when comparing to SFCD1.

Opera 2.2, well, I hooked it up to play with the recent SFCD1 then I played for 5 months. And it is no way that SFCD1 win over as Opera is offering high level of resolution, 24/192, sweetness level is better than SF. Emm.........I will say SFCD1 is a strong man and Opera is a nice lady when playing with vocal. Sound offering from Opera is very gentle which you never feel fatique after long time listening.

May be you will have complaint about the nevigation button for Opera 2.2 operation. But I think this is an innovative design which offer greater level of interest when you are playing with it. Look is COOL, whereas SFCD1 looks a bit old in appearence now.

I have ever did a direct comparison with Electrocompaniet EMC1UP vs Opera 2.2. Both models can win over each other in all aspect. EMC1UP give higher level of resolution and more lively music (LP feel, it even wins over my P3+Exact MM Catrridge, hard to believe, but its true), but sound is still a little bit bright comparing to Opera. Never compare both on XLR performance. But I think EMC1UP which offers 24/192 XLR analog output will win over Opera whose giving 24/96 (without tube buffer) XLR analog output.

NOW, think about it and give me a shout if you still have confusion. Again this is not advertisement, but live experience.
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04-08-03: Audiolon
Dealer Disclaimer


We chose the Consonance 2.2 to carry after being extremely impressed with what we heard at CES2003. The 2.2 is a natural, transparent, open and overall musical performer in comparison to the competition. It has the "magic" that is partly due to the wonderfully designed 6H30 tube stage. A very analog sounding player that has a remote volume control (motorized analog) for running directly to an amp and XLRs for balanced performance. One of a handful of fine players that emotionally attaches you to the music. It looks as good as it sounds.
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