Consonance Reference CD2.2
Subject: Opera Audio Consonance ref 2.2 owners?

I just purchased an new Consonance 2.2. I am in the break in stage at this point. I like to get some feedback from some current owners if I could. What you really think of this player? Mine sounded horrible when first turned on.
Seems to be warming up nicely though.
I bought by the reviews I have been reading out here. All seem so positive. So far, the only complaint I have is they claim it has a solid cherry top. Mine has that light colored European hardwood that so many kitchen tables seem to be made of these days. Do any of you others owners have the same?

Thanks for any replies in advance.

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10-16-03: Johnymac
I would also like to include. I see the remote that comes with this unit as having one button that mirrors the control on the player. My remote is silver about the size of a deck of cards. It has many tiny black buttons that control the functions. I was not aware of this remote. Does anyone have the same?

Thanks again.
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10-16-03: Johnymac
I found out today that the silver remote is the new one. It replaces the black one. I also found out the wood on the top is correct. Just a real light cherry type wood used.
Still like to hear from any owners on how their "burn in" went.

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11-06-03: Iseekheils
Johnnymac, You've had a couple of more weeks now, what do you think? I'm interested in the 2.2, so how about your impressions now. Also, I was wondering, I know that the 2.2 has XLR outputs, but is it fully balanced?
Thanks, Sonny
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11-10-03: Eps
Hi Johnymac,

In our experience, this cd player breaks in longer than most cdplayers, at around 300 hours.

During break-in period, its sound will be eratic. Sometimes it will sound overly smooth with no bass and sometimes the other way around. After 300 hours, you will realize that this cdplayer is excellent for the money. Cheers.
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Ow! I just started brekaing in my Ref 2.2 today, it sounded really bassy and I was fretting. I ditched a Cary 308 because it sounded pretty ick and supposedly needs 400 hours of break-in, and what do I get? Something that needs 300 hours of break in :( ah well, maybe I shouldn't have ditched the Cary in the first place, I'll never know if I got rid of a gem now, maybe I just swapped one jewel for another...I hope.

Did you happen to try the Audio Aero Prima 24/192 player by any chance?
I assume you got your Consonance from Greg Osborn, and am aware that he sells the Audio Aero range also.
Mark (SA)

11-21-03: Krunchiepops
You're the second person today to ask me that in a thread, the other was in AudioAsylum, by a fellow Melbournian. No, I didn't listen to the Prima, I saw the list price and thought "forget it", only to discover the Prima (one only) was on Greg's website for $2,200, exactly my upper limit, and what I paid for the Cary, too.

Actually I bought my Ref 2.2 at Audio Lifestyle, which stocks almost all the Osborn speakers. I rang Osborn today to ask some q's about the Ref, and asked if he still had the Prima. "Yes" - but he said the Ref was better value and sounded better.

I LOVE the sound, I can't believe how good it is, so incredibly good, so natural, so BIG, so lifelike, so detailed without being "look how detailed I am" - what a superb CD player. If the Ref was made in Europe or the US we'd be paying $5000.00 for it, I swear - but, people get put off by the made and designed in China thang. Me, I don't give a SHIT, it's extremely well made and most importantly, sounds amazing. Who CARES where it's made and designed? So analogue sounding, I can't keep away from it when I allow myself to take it off repeat, it's only been burning in for 36 hours, so another, er, 264 before the sound stabilises;)

I WILL listen to the Prima, sooner or later - but I don't think it will top this. I'm bloody glad I dumped the Cary 308, that hyperdetailed electronic sounding thing. AND, the Ref has MORE detail than the Cary, yet doesn't scream about it, I LIKE that, that's what annoyed me about the Cary, it pulled everything apart and made you hear every component on the disc - supposed to be impressive but in reality just ANNOYING and hard to listen to, where was the MUSIC? Oh man, this thing makes me so excited, it's hard to believe how good it is, especially at the price I paid (list $2100 but with a pair of Osborn Silverlinks (they were $385 at Audio Lifestyle) thrown in) - and, they are goooood ICs, I connected them to my Nakamichi tape deck and the extra detail I got out of the recording I played compared to the good but basic copper ICs I had on the Nak - wow! An instrument I had never heard, vocals that I'd never managed to catch were now audible, and this just from the change of IC. Was sad to change them back to the cdp, i need two more pairs :( Brave Greg, brilliant IC, brilliant cdp to import too. Sorry, this has been a real rave - but I'm astounded by this Ref 2.2, I've never heard CD so NOT CD before. Magnificent, natural, emotionally involving music (and I thought that during audition, BEFORE I read reviews saying the same thing) This is what CD should always have been, and never was. I wonder how long before the rest of the high-end set get rid of their (Western) blinkers and catch on? I sort of hope they don't in a way, 'cos if they do the price will skyrocket, and future models will be priced as the COULD be...

Again, sorry about the rave, but I am in love. One listen and you're hooked I reckon.
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12-01-03: Johnymac
First I would like to thank all of you that replied.
I was considering the Prima before the ref 2.2. I read the reviews, spoke to a sales person that sells both to get a his opinion and went with the ref 2.2. I should also add, I was considering a Cary 308T.

As far as the player goes, I find myself listening for 3/5 hours an evening. Weekends, as much as 10 hours a day. It just keeps me wanting more! I think it is wonderful. I actually have been changing the music I listen to. Hard rock just doesn't do the player any justice. Must admit, rock does sound so much better than ever did before. Bass is so deep and voices are right about where they should be. This player sounds better than any turntable I have ever heard or owned. I am very happy with it. Although, I noticed the smell of burnt plastic lately, maybe it is part of the "burning in process"? I also notice any defects on my cd's the player seems to have problems with. Other than that I love it! I was told it takes about 100 hours to burn in, I notice here that it may take up to 300. I guess I am about half way there.
I highly recommend this player.
I would also like to add, I have very inexpensive interconnects on my system. I think they are like 6 year old $30.00 monster cable's from like best buy.
In time, I like to send a reply and see what cables you owners prefer with this player, as that be my next upgrade.
I just can't believe for what my system consist of, how nice it sounds.

Thanks again!!
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03-28-04: Krunchiepops
Fully broken in now, ages just sounds like "my CD player", hehehe.

I'm so used to the magnificent sound that I guess I take it for granted, would be interesting to slot another fully broken player in and then compare - but I don't want to. OK, I guess I am used to it - but shortly after the 300 hours was up I played a favourite CD and I cried with happiness...I had never heard that album sound so "there" and real and detailed and etc etc.

If you have a Ref 2.2 with Solen Aeon capacitors in the output stage, get them replaced with Auricaps, or if you're thinking of buying one, buy it with Auricaps installed (it's a factory option and only marginally more expensive), I have the correct value Auricaps and have yet to replace the Solens, but am assured that the already remarkable Ref 2.2 gets even better with Auricaps by ppl that have the upgraded version. Will post my opinions if anyone is interested?
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I have a 1.0 and have been very happy with it both with redbook and sacds. I believe Consonance makes a fine player. I would be interested in hearing how the auricaps affect the sound.

03-31-04: Iseekheils
I have had the 2.2 in my system now for a couple of months, and I too am very pleased with the sound of this player.
My ONLY disappointment with it is that the remote volume control does not work when playing it using the XLR outputs. The VC only works on the RCA (tube) side. I had to get a balanced preamp to play it that way.
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G'day Johnnymac,

I too purchased my 2.2 from audio-lifestyle and have clocked on ~200hrs. Its a beautiful sounding cdp with an analog feel to it. My system utilises the 2.2 with the Denon 3802 AV receiver, a pair of Mission 773e floor standers and the osborn ref. silverlink interconnects. Out of the box, the 2.2 sounds harsh but it is quite sweat now. I just recently purchased Garry Cawsey's powerbox (Cawsey DOM) and currently burning it in. I noticed a fantastic improvement in the separation of instruments first off, although music now across more metallic, glassy and tad thinner, almost fatiguing at times. But i think its due to my amp being a AV receiver which leans more towards the upper frequences with the characteristic digital sound........I'd like to hear from 2.2 users who have coupled it to a valve amp. I'm hoping that the 2.2 will sound more warm and natural when coupled to a valve as opposed to a transistor AV receiver. Anyhow, definitely give a mains filter a go. It'll be worth it.


Subject: Is the Consonance 2.2 fully balanced?

The Consonance 2.2 CD player has XLR outputs, but is it fully balanced? The 2.0 SACD player also has XLRs, but I was informed that it is not fully balanced.
I would like this feature along with a volume control, in my next CD player. Thanks, Sonny

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03-28-04: Krunchiepops
Yes the Consonance Reference 2.2 XLR ouputs are fully balanced, same with the Consonance CD-120 - and one would presume the 2.0 SACD would be the same.
Krunchiepops ( Answers )

03-31-04: Iseekheils
I ended up emailing the "OPERA" company in China. They informed me that the 2.2 is indeed fully balanced. The 2.0 is not.
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