D-Linear8 / D-Linear6
24bit/192khz Decoder

Key Functions:
1. D-linear8: USB wireless DAC digital receiver
    D-linear6: USB wired DAC digital receiver
(24bit/ 96kHz)
2. Universal DAC for CD transports, The Consonance HD interface, DVD players, Blu-ray players, cable TV decoders and satellite receivers
3. Hi-end Headphone amp
4. RCA and Balanced outputs for analog

The newly designed Consonance D-linear 8 Decoder is more than simply a new product, it is also a new concept in audio enjoyment. The heart of the D-linear 8 is the PCM1792 24-Bit chip running at a 192kHz sampling rate. Our decoder uses the Transceiver has a low jitter analog PLL, and a PLL lock range from 32khz to 192khz .

There are 4 selectable digital inputs on the rear panel consisting of a coaxial RCA, AES, Toslink and an antenna for digital USB computer input. The basic signals are displayed through the front panel meter. This meter will also indicate when the signal is locked in.

The D-linear 8 has a wireless USB 2.4G ISM license free band, adaptive frequency hopping random ID pairing and non-compressed 48k/16bit sampling. This wireless system is like a secondary music system that will compliment your existing main setup. It can be operated at a considerable distance (up to 25m) from your primary system, there are no bothersome cables. Your computer can be used as a main source of your music playback allowing you more freedom and worry free operation in your musical enjoyment.

The D-linear 8 includes a hi-end headphone amplifier, 32ohm to 600ohm.
Its size is unobtrusive so it can be positioned anywhere, and it has a very user friendly interface.
Literature sheet
The instructions to operate on a mac computer:
1) Plug the wireless USB in one of the Mac USB. The D8 lock indicator will show that the D8 connected to the Macbook pro. 2) Set the D8 to channel 4 (Wireless USB input).
3) Go to preferences on your MacBook Pro, select Sound.

4)  Select USB Audio Device as a sound output, as shown bellow:

5) Start iTunes (for example) and play your favorite track. The Wireless USB Tx indicator will start blinking. 
Signal output
Digital inputs
D-linear8: 1 Coaxial, 1 Optical, 1 AES and wireless USB digital inputs
D-linear6: 1 Coaxial, 1 Optical, 1 AES and wired USB digital inputs (24bit/ 96kHz)
Analog outputs
Gold plated RCA / phono unbalanced and gold plated XLR balanced, Gold plated 6.5mm headphone jack
Frequency response
0 Hz-50 kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio
More than 118dB (RCA, XLR)
Less than 0.001% ( RCA,XLR)
Dimensions / Weight
100mm x 225mm x 320cm (HxWxD) / 3.5 kg (net)
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