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Reference DSD1.1 pro is a high performance D/A convertor for CAS purpose. We use the advanced X-MOS module to support DSD playback up to DSD256 and support Native DSD streams mode. The Reference DSD1.1 pro uses the latest and more powerful DAC chip AK4497. It support some new provides new modes such as "DSD direct" and "low dispersion short delay". The "DSD dircet" mode can let the pure orignal DSD signal direct to outputs and the "Low dispersion short delay" for PCM digital filter can let DAC chip close to R2R operating mode. The DAC chip board can easy to remove and fix to do update in the future. It also uses the special "USB grounding isolation design", which keeps the noise away from the computer's USB. It supports free driver for apple device (MAC/ phone/ pad) and our X5. There is a special tube buffer design before the RCA output, which makes the sound better.


Multiple PCM digital filter option
PCM digital filter mode:
1. Short delay Sharp
2. Short delay Slow
3. Sharp Roll-off
4. Slow roll-off
5. Super Slow roll-off
6. Low dispersion short delay

The various digital filter status means various sounds. The customer will gets smooth, sharp, fast, slow etc difference sounds style by their choice.

The DSD supply CUT OFF FILTER option 50KHz / 150KHz and DSD direct on /off.

It's for improve the high frequency sounds if the recording ultra high frequency has some background noise. "DSD direct" mode can let the pure orignal DSD signal direct to outputs. Make the sound more natural.

We suggest using the JRiver and Foobar2000 Media Center in the Windows operating system. And we suggest using the "Audir vana plus" Media Center in the iOS system.

Supported audio sample rates, bit depths:
32bit / 768kHz DSD64(1bit 2.8M) DSD128(1bit 5.6M) DSD256(1bit 11.2M)

Digital inputs:
Coaxial RCA (75 ohm) x1, Optical x1, AES/EBU x1, USB-typeB port x1, Bluetooth x1(name: Operaudio)

Analog outputs: RCA (2.2V RMS) x1, XLR (4.6V RMS) x1, 6.5mm headphone jack x1
SNR: >118dB ( RCA, XLR)
Distortion: <0.002% (XLR output), <0.08 (RCA output)
Dimensions: 104mm x330mm x440mm (HxWxD)
Weight: 9kg (wood top panel) 12kg (Metal top panel)
How to set up JRiver?
How to set up Foobar2000?
Driver for Windows (diver free for MAC)
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