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Munich Hi End Show from 3th to 6th of May 2012, booth no. is hall 4 / L09
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Don Giovanni music player available!
Figaro music player available!
Don Curzio Decoder available!
M15-20 ANNIVERSARY available!
A120, Reference 150, A100II hybrid, LP6.0, Eric-excel discontinued!
Cyber880, hifi+ 2010 "Highly Recommended" award
M100 Plus, le Monde de la Musique magazine attributes the “Choc Hi-Fi 2007” award


Droplet CDP5.0HD/ Linear1/ Cyber300BPSE/ M15-20 anniversary in Audiophile 1/2015 Germany  
Linear1 on 12/2014 Germany  
Isolde on 09/2014 Germany  
M10SE on 09/2014 Germany  
Cyber20 in Ear In 8/2014 Germany
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