"Simple . Human" our philosophy

‘Simple & Refined', our product's highly detailed design is placed on the inside and its simplicity is on the outside.

‘Human', our goal is to reproduce music in the most natural and enjoyable manner to the human ear, it is not a technological-quest or a hobby for its own sake but rather an appreciation of sound and music for all who are discerning and in pursuit of finer things.

At Opera Audio, we pursue our goals by working with and improving on the best ideas and concepts from different lands and through different generations of musical wisdom. We have coupled that with our value, service to create, and our unique and original designs since the first day Opera-Consonance was established in 1994.

—— Liu
Why Simple?
What is more pleasing than pure music presented in the most direct way? Opera strives to made your listening experience pure and relaxing. We state 'simple' in our philosophy. Simple is simple but to obtain simplicity is a task we work hard at.

Why Human?
We are dedicated to providing the most natural presentation of music to our listeners to present real music for real people. This is not just a 'man' thing but a human/family thing, a lifestyle consideration if you will.

Why Consonance?
We are an international community with international ideas and have always been original in our products and their designs.
We have value, service and our designs have always been unique.

Our company

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The following excerpt from an article in The Absolute Sound (US) describes Opera's history & approach well :

“It's Not Called Opera Audio for Nothing”

…My final stop on the tour was The Opera Audio Company in Beijing . Opera is the oldest and largest of the audio manufacturers I visited, With a 13-year history and 55 employees. Under the Consonance name, Opera designs and manufactures products which enjoy wide distribution in more than 30 countries...

…Opera was founded in 1994 by Mr. (Eric) Shi Hui LIU, an optical-mechanical engineer whose real passion was for music (particularly European opera) and audio. His story is the classic "kitchen-table" start-up; he made a tubed amplifier for his own use, was asked to make another for sale, and decided to go into business. Significantly, Opera was the first turntable manufacturer in China and has demonstrated with analog at every show since the company's founding. Even with more than 100 products in the line (including technical and cosmetic variations of products), Mr. Liu still creates all the designs himself. The product range includes both solid-state and tubed integrated amplifiers, preamps, power amps, CD players, and turntables. Opera even makes its own tone arms…

…Opera employs a marketing approach that is unique, both in China and in the West. It regularly holds a "music night" in which its best customers, customers' friends, and top executives from local firms are invited to an Italian restaurant for dinner, a live performance of classical music by well-known musicians, and discussion of music and musical culture...

…Everything about Opera Audio was impressive, from the fundamental design ethic to the build-quality to the sound.

The Absolute Sound June/July 2008 US

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