Non-oversampling Digital filter-less DAC Concept

by Ryohei Kusunoki

     * The diagrams here are of Mr. Kusunoki's proto-type DAC and not of the PROGRRESION converter.

A Comment on the New Formats
     The relationship between the sound and the measurement still remain mysterious. You cannot achieve good sound just by competing on the numbers of zero over the distortion factor nor by excessively extending the frequency range. However, in the next generation digital format offered today, the selling points for better sound are quantizing bit numbers and sampling frequency rates. It only means lowering of distortions and extension of frequency range.
     The appearance of CD was an epoch-making event as a new format to follow LP. It delivered the sound of the master tape to our listening room. It was a crystallization of efforts of the engineers of that time. Compared to that, the new generation CDs offered today only concern raising the data rate; something similar to the idea of EL cassettes. The life span of the format will be a very short one. What we need is to accurately understand the merits and demerits of the current format and create the new one that pertinently matches our auditory sense.

This is an edited version of Mr. Kusunoki's three part article published in MJ magazine from Nov. 1996 through Dec. 1997.

transration by Yoshi and Irene Segoshi

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