Eric-Grand 3-ways floor stand speaker system

Eric-Grand also belongs to Opera Audio 10 th anniversary series.
It's a 3 ways floor stand model with elegant natural cherry finish. The speaker features 3 reflex loaded 6.5 " mid woofer featured oversized 1.5 inches voice coil and dynamic.
The mid woofer has 6 slots on the front of the cone, as Eric-1 and Eric-3, fiber filled cone materials giving the right damping. 1.5" large motor system works like a V-8 engine to provide enough driving force. Cooper shortcut ring and a special structure are used to lower the Inter- Modulation Distortion.
1 inches silk dome tweeter uses a tiny neodymium magnet to allow it be placed close to the woofer and to simulate the point source.
The inner surface is filled with damping material, 3/4" thick MDF and inner bracing is used to quiet the cabinet.
Special designed X-over with high grade components (air coil, polypropylene type capacitor etc) are used for better sound.
Generally speaking, this 3 ways speaker is more clear and dynamic in bass and managed to remain the relax sound character in high and mid range of Eric-1 and Eric-3.

Frequency Response:42Hz-30kHz
Sensitivity: 91dB
Recommended Power: 20-150W
Impedance: 4 ohm
WEIGHT: 30kg


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