LP6.1 Turntable

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The Opera-Consonance LP6.1 package includes plinth, platter, tonearm and an anti-vibration system.

The platter is made of white acrylic with a foam record mat on top to absord vibration. Bearing is of a low noise design. A Japanese low noise DC motor is connected to the platter with nylon line to minimize vibration transmission and maximize accuracy. The frame of the turntable is made of solid aluminum. It definitely has a high end yet not-complicated look. The color combination of white acrylic and black base will work well with all types of audio furniture and other equipment.

The LP6.1 comes with Opera-Consonance's self designed Consonance 9" T988 tonearm. With the oil damped pivot the T988 arm can accept almost all types of MM and MC cartridges with no difficulty, heavy or light cartridges are not a problem. This arm is not only affordable, but also requires a low set up time so that you can enjoy it quickly after purchase. It has a clean look - there are no extra 'gadgets' to get in the way.

If you wish to use a 12" tonearm (T1288 - a variation from the T988 arm), the plinth can be easily re-assembled to fit the extended arm length without extra cost. The extra 12" tonearm shaft can be purchased separately.


Wow and Flutter: Less than 0.03
Rumble: Greater than 80dB down
Speed accuracy: Within 0.01%
Motor power : DC 12V

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