M12MKII horn system

Consonance M-12 horn loudspeakers includes a 300mm paper cone woofer with cloth surround mounted within an aluminum diecast basket for bass. Upper frequencies are produced by a 510mm dome titan.compressive alt driver with neodymium magnet structure. This produces frequencies from 38Hz to 20kHz with a very high 97dB/W/m sensitivity. The upper range Normal wood or piano wood horn is 90 degree affair and Dimensions is 930x420x450 (HxWxD in mm).

Frequency range: 38Hz~20kHz
Nominal impedance: 8Ω
Sensitivity: 97dB
Drive units:300mm paper cone Woofer, cloth surround, aluminum diecast basket
                   510mm Dome titan.compressive alt driver, rear-radiant ,Neodymium magnet
Horn: Normal wood or piano wood,90 degree level extension.,
Cabinet: MDF plate, normal wood surface, phase inverter sonic structure
Crossover frequency:1000Hz
Dimensions: 950*430*500(H*W*D)
Net weight: 35kg


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