CYBER-10 Signature Integrated Tube Amplifier

As known single ended triode (SET) based amplifiers have a unique sound and so do push pull directly heated triode (DHT) amplifiers like the Cyber-10 signature. In some applications 8 watts of DHT will sound more powerful and controlled than 8 watts of SET. The heaters use AC throughout the design due to the sonic advantages over DC and at 2.5V on the power tubes hum is not a problem. The unit is build with point-to-point wiring, featuring a ready made thick-trace PCB for the choke filtered power supply. This configuration allows Cyber-10 signature sounding more close with well designed SET amps and with much dynamic bass performance as well.

As a push-pull 2A3 valve integrated, Cyber-10 Signature can't deliver a lot of raw power but it makes up for this in myriad ways. With suitable speakers, the Cyber-10 Signature is a gutsy integrated amplifier with huge dynamics. It sounds muscular, detailed, and smooth. The Cyber-10 Signature handled vocals with noteworthy clarity and intelligibility. If you need even more power, Opera Audio offers the Cyber-100S Signature integrated amp, which uses 300B triodes to produce 22Wpc.

Opera Audio is a Chinese firm that produces several lines of hi-fi equipment: a budget line called the M-Value series, a mid-level line called the Cyber Signature series, and a high-end line called the Reference Series. There is also a super-high-end Droplet series consisting of a turntable and a CD player, whose striking designs could easily incite severe cases of audiophile lust.
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Output impedance for speaker : 4 ohms , 8 ohms
Output power : 11 W x 2 RMS 1kHz
Frequency response : 6Hz - 60kHz - 3dB (8W)
Harmonic distortion : <1% (7W, 1KHz)
S/N ratio : 87dB
Input sensitivity : 180mV
Input Interfaces : 5 set (RCA)1,2,3,4,5
Output Interfaces: 1 groups (RCA)
Power consumption : 80W
Vacuum tubes : 2A3 x4, 6SN7 x 2 , 12AX7 x2
Dimension : 430 (L) x 340 (W) x 200(H) mm
Weight : 25kg


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