CYBER-10 Multifunctional Tube Amplifier

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Cyber 10 multifunctional tube amp

Cyber-10, 20 and 30 look almost the same with Reference Series but much smaller---- so our design team called them "Mini Reference line" 6 years ago during the design term.

Cyber-10 is a single ended Class A tube integrated amplifier, it can use KT88/6550 and swapped to EL34 and KT77 only by re-biasing actually. As a mini size integrated tube amplifier, there is one feature which distinguish the Cyber 10 with similar pentode SE amp which use a self-bias circuit, Cyber 10 incorporate a fixed bias design for easy tube swap and more power delivering as well. Single bias adjustment mechanism for each output tube has been equipped inside chassis, a trim pot for adjustment to get to 0.4mA bias current. The bias adjustment can be measured by a voltmeter (not come with the amp). While the output tube is operating with in Ultra linear mode to give 12W output power, there is also a switch to operate the amp in triode mode which halves the output power to 6W.

On the other hand, you could use Cyber-10 as a heavy design tube headphone amplifier with output transformer which can easily adapt to headphone having impedance ranging from 10 to 600 ohm. One USB and 3 RCA inputs have been equipped aside of chassis and selectable manually, while volume control is remote-able as well.

All above turn the mini size hi-fi tube integrated amplifier to more multifunctional one and a hi-fi grade sound amplifier solution for all kinds of computer based music in mass market.

Feature, the well designed USB port , refer to the Cyber10 USB work flow for more detailes.

SpAct memory architecture and Linear technology have been applied in the whole USB and built-in DAC section, where t he received digital signal from computer is checked, clock corrected and decoded through. SpAct memory architecture is set w ithin the data path establishing smoother data flow so that the final audio has the lowest possible jitter. It ensured that the built-in DAC section set latter is able to be fed with information both higher data integrity and lower jitter. This is the real DAC section, using our famous Linear technology developed originally for the well received CD120 linear CD-player, that convert precise recovery of data to high quality analog signal. The result is n o smearing effect caused by digital filter, superb transient response without any over-shooting in sound.


Control Functions: Volume, Mode Switch, Power On/Off and Triode / Ultra linear Switch
Power Output: 12watt ( Ultra linear ) / 8watt ( Triode ) RMS 1kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion: less than 1%( 5 watt, 1kHz )
Frequency Response: ( -3dB points at 5 watt ) 6Hz-60kHz
Input Sensitivity: 280mV
Input Impedance: 100k ohms
Output Impedance: 4,8 ohms(speaker) / 10-600 ohms (headphone) User selectable.
Signal/Noise: 90dB
Consumption: 86watt
Input Interfaces: 3 groups (RCA) , 1 group USB port
Output Interfaces: speaker terminals / headphone jacks x 2
Overall Negative Feedback: Little ( -3dB )
Vacuum Tube: KT88 / 6550 x2,ECC82 x1,ECC81 x1
Dimensions: 320 ( L ) x 260 ( W ) x 150( H ) mm
Weight: 15kg ( packed )


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