Digital System


High Definition Vacuum Music Player


High Definition Vacuum Music Player


Droplet CDP3.1dt

Philips CD-PRO2M mechanism, top-loading CD-player


Droplet CDP5.0HD

Droplet CDP 5.0 is a superb 24bit 192kHz up-sampling top loading CD-player Full-balanced 6H30 tube output and top-loading design.
Wood, graphite and ceramic sandwich chassis construction.
Special made super-clock employed for further lower Jitter.

Reference CD2.2linear MKII

Tube CD-player

2006 Russia 2005  


NOS CD-player


it consists of a hifi CD-player, a FM/AM tuner and a 100w Cool Class A solid-state stereo amplifier, and more over, featured with a special made USB input port.

CD-120 Balanced

24bit balanced CD-player

High Definition digital music interface

Key Functions:
1. Digital stream master network audio interface (24Bit/192KHz)
2. Digital stream Hard Disk recorder (24Bit/96KHz)
3. WI-FI/LAN Internet radio
4. Upgrade operating system from USB

D-linear8 / D-linear6
24bit/192khz Decoder

Key functions:
1. D-linear8: USB wireless DAC digital receiver
    D-linear6: USB wired DAC digital receiver (24bit/ 96kHz)
2. Universal DAC for CD transports, The Consonance HD interface, DVD players, Blu-ray players, cable TV decoders and satellite receivers
3. Hi-end Headphone amp
4. RCA and Balanced outputs for analog


Precision 12.0 Mhz  serve as master clock for lowest jitter performance. 
Supported OS: Windows XP, VISTA, Win 7 and Mac.
Plug & Play, no installing drivers or software.
Self-powered via USB input.
Accepts high resolution audio files up to 24 bits/96 kHz data rate.

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