PW-3 / PW-3E Audio Grade Universal Power Board

PW-3 (USA plugs)

PW-3E (Euro plugs)

This is an audio grade power board made by Opera Audio.

A true feed-through design at the 6 output sockets.
All metal construction and built on a very solid metal chassis.
It has 6 output sockets in total, these being the usual universal sockets (white), which take any mains plug (UK/Euro/Australian/USA).

110 to 240V Operation
2200W at 240V
6/5 x Universal sockets (UK/Euro/USA Australia plugs)

The PW-3 is a shielded and high quality power board which also allows the use of quality power leads which are fitted with power plugs from anywhere in the world. Very high quality components are used and the solid metal chassis allows for magnetic and RFI shielding not available in plastic power boards. Despite the fact that they do not contain filtering or conditioning circuitry, like the PW-1, a surprising sound quality improvement can result from using this board.
TV reception is also improved if used with video sources. There was some confusion after the release of these two models, as we. and others in the World, did not realise that the PW-3 was not a filter, but had been designed to overcome the shortcomings of normal power boards, and we apologise to anyone who was mislead. Opera Audio has sent their apologies in the confusion, which resulted in the difficulty of Chinese trying to describe something in English. One of the main reasons we did not realise this was the surprising benefits that we and our customers had noticed when using this unit.

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