PW-IPOD Universal Cradle

The PW-IPOD is a set of universal cradle especially for iPod. It can be used to all the iPod after the third generation I-POD.

With universal cradle, iPod becomes the universal signal source from mobile speaker, and you can link family or individual audio or video devices with iPod.

The remote control can easily control different functions of iPod.

iPod can connect PC via PW-IPOD, Which also can be charged to iPod with external adapter.

Download musics,transfer datas and charge your ipod battery.

Connecting your ipod video using PW-IPOD cardle.

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audio output:Golden RCA jack
video output:S-Video jack
PC interface: Standard 30-pin jack
power supply interface:12V/1A
remote control:13 keys
expanded interface:5
suitable type : There are five universal iPod holder that are fit to different kinds of iPod including 3,4,5,6,7 types.



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