PC Wireless Digital Box 1.0

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Today it is so common for people to download and store music in their computers. They have internet radio and numerous APE, WAV and Flac files stored in their hard drives. In the future it is more likely that we will have even larger and larger files containing high quality recordings. It is possible that the cd player will be a thing of the past and the computer will be the main source of our music collection. However a major problem is that most people's computers are not located next to their audio system.

Our Wireless Digital Transmitter Box 1.0 and our newly improved CD players, the Droplet 5.0, Droplet 3.1 linear and the Reference CD 2.2 MKIII, solves this problem. These CD players have digital inputs that allow them to accept the signal from our Wireless Digital Transmitter allowing the CD players high quality DAC to be used. With a 50 meter radius, you no longer need to run cables or relocate your computer or amplifier to listen to your hard drive files. The small Digital Box 1.0 can be set up next to your audio system and a wireless signal sent out through your computers' USB Port to the Box 1.0. It has no or very little signal loss, the jitter is very low since there are no long wires used in transmission. The Box 1.0 also has regular RCA analog outputs which uses the linear technology DAC output.
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