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M15-20 anniversary
Our M15-20 Anniversary is the M15SE modified model, the speaker box has an inset horn,  the bass unit is a front loaded horn, with a new super tweeter. These new features make the speaker range much broader with the all phase frequency natural and smooth.

Both the speaker unit and the crossover have been improved and upgraded, M15-20 Anniversary‘s material and design has also been enhanced. The bass unit paper cone is made from a special nature fiber, with high quality damping properties. The speaker coil is made of the pure OFC, with the pure silver cable and the pure copper terminals.

The high quality unit achieves much lower frequency and better transient response, including affluent mid-frequency details, the OFC high frequency driver and the improvement in the compression drive structure makes the phase property superior, smoother with lower distortion. As soon as the music begins, the sound will display more detail and the sound will charm you immediately.

With French SCR capacitors and other hi-end capacitors, and pure copper speaker wiring, this crossover improvement, which is based on the M15SE, makes the whole phase balance better and the range becomes broader.

The hi-end super tweeter in M15-20 Anniversary’s sound is affluent and detailed ,the horn speaker character is natural, realistic and straight, the new design horn tweeter is loose, bright and   vigorous.

The inset horn in the inverse-phase bass enclosure provides much deeper frequencies the better sound levels and has a live sense.
Frequency range: 30Hz~25kHz
Nominal impedance: 8Ω
Sensitivity: 98dB
Drive units:380mm paper cone Woofer , cloth surround, aluminum diecast basket
720mm Dome titan. compressive alt driver, rear-radiant
Horn: Normal wood or piano wood, 110 degree level extension, built-in sound divider
Cabinet: MDF plate, normal wood surface, direct reflective acoustics structure
Crossover frequency: 1000Hz
Dimensions: 1023*550*505mm(H*W*D)
Net weight: 54kg
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