CYBER-222 MKII Tube Line Stage with Separated Power Supply
Control Functions: Volume, Input Select, Power On/Off.
Inputs: 5 pairs RCA
Outputs:2 pair RCA

The new version of Cyber222 MKII adopte Class A power supply , relay based volume control, and LED display. Sound and reliability have been improved significantly.


Frequency response: 2Hz-150KHz(-1B)
Signal-to-noise ratio: 90dB
Distortion: Less than 0.05%(70Hz/7KHz 4:1)
Consumption: 40W
Input Sources: 5 selectable inputs switched by gold plated relays
Input Terminals:Gold plated phono/RCA unbalanced
Output terminals: Gold plated phono/RCA unbalanced
Vacuum tube:6SN7x4 5AR4x1
Remote Control: RC-5 compatible IR system 36KHz moudulation
Dimensions: 8cm x 43cm x32cm (HxWxD)

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