Analog System
WAX Engine Turntable
Phono stage
The CONSONANCE WAX Engine is a quite remarkable new turntable. There are more sensible design features that are beneficial to analogue playback in this turntable than those costing several times more.

Main bearing & Spindle
The WAX Engine has been updated to include the Well Tempered Lab "Zero Clearance" design platter bearing. This is in cooperation with our Well Tempered Lab partners.

Design philosophy-Rotational Stability of the spindle
The Well Tempered Lab spindle rotates in a teflon bearing with a triangular hole. The apex of the triangle is orientated towards the motor. This results in vanishingly low friction and a high degree of stability.

Design philosophy- Bearing Noise
The Well Tempered bearing uses a Teflon thrust bearing. The stainless steel spindle has a precision point and rests into a small hole in the Teflon thrust bearing to achieve very low noise.
The DC motor is a high quality Mabuchi with a patented DC servo supply.

The tonearm is a new aluminium tonearm with cotton fibre internal damping.
Newly designed bearing system with precision machined cups encapsulating 4x tapered shafts in a gimbal fashion to control vibration and resonance in both vertical and horizontal motion whilst allowing secure tracking with even the most demanding of recordings.
The anti-skate mechanism is also quite unique providing a constantly gentle anti-skate across the whole surface of the recording.

Adjusting the Anti-skate
1. Power off the turntable.
2. Reverse the Strobe Disc. Place on platter.
3. With the aid of the arm-lifter, gently lower the stylus onto the smooth surface near the outer edge of the Strobe Disc.
4. Gently rotate the platter in the direction of play (Clockwise).
5. Adjust rider weight to ensure the cartridge moves parallel with the outer rim of the Strobe Disc and exhibits no excessive sideways movement in either direction.

All mounted on an aluminium "T" section chassis with isolation feet. A serious attempt to give the recordings their best shot.

Voltage: 12VDC, 1A adaptor
Tonearm: 9” effective length
Speed accuracy: Within 0.01%
Motor power supply: 12VDC, 1A
Dimensions: 145 x 385 x 345mm (H x W x D)
Weight: 6kg
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