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Reference CD-2.2 Linear Tube CD Player
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RCD2.2 linear Nos Tube CD-player

The appeal of non-overampling DACs lies in the less is more audio ideal, the fewer components there are in the
signal path the more of the signal should get through. The NOS DAC was conceived by Ryohei Kusunoki in 1996. He wanted to find a way of avoiding time smear in digital audio and, therefore, considered the digital filter to be the biggest cause of this problem. As it's the digital filter that does the over oversampling, he built a DAC that did away it altogether and used an analogue filter after the DAC.

Linear technology (applied to CDplayer):
-Non-oversampling, no digital filter
-Passive I/V conversion In progression
-Short pass length, less number of parts

Non-oversampling, Digital-filter-less DAC Concept by Ryohei Kusunoki
originated by Yoshi Segoshi


DAC resolution : 16bit TDA1543
0dBFS signal output : 2.35V RMS
Output Terminals : Gold plated Tube RCA unbalanced
Frequency response : Less than +/- 0.5 dB deviation 20Hz-20kHz
Phase response : Less than 5 degrees deviation 20Hz-20kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio : More than 100dB
Crosstalk : Less than -100dB
Distortion (RCA) : Less than 0.12 %
Remote Control : Philips RC-5 compatible IR system 36kHz modulation frequency
Vacuum tube : Sovtek 6H30 x1
Dimensions / Weight : 11cm x 43cm x 33cm (HxWxD) / 16kg(wood top panel)
Dimensions / Weight : 11cm x 43cm x 33cm (HxWxD) / 18kg(Metal top panel)


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